Metal Eco City in Jieyang

The Sino-German Metal Eco City (MEC) is an innovative industrial park, which will open up access to the Chinese market for German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The MEC is located in the north of the large metropolis of Jieyang, at the heart of the southern province of Guangdong – only a one-hour flight away from Hong Kong. It extends over an area of 25 square kilometres. The volume of investment amounts to over 21 billion euros.
By 2020, the MEC should be in a position to employ approximately 100,000 people. This German/Chinese industrial park is a pilot project for modern urbanisation, which integrates the world of work and private life in an innovative way, thus serving as a model for the whole of China. The MEC is the first large industrial settlement project in China to be initiated by Chinese entrepreneurs and supported by the Party and the government in Peking. At the end of 2012, China and Germany worked together to launch the prototype for an innovative industrial park.

The MEC will include a metal manufacturing centre, a technological innovation centre, a conference centre, a university of applied sciences, a hotel for professionals, residential areas, an e-commerce industrial park, a nature park, a resource recycling centre and a financial centre.

Six service platforms are included in the Metal Eco City concept...
» for the trading of a wide variety of products
» for technological innovation and industrial design
» for manufacturing metal products and mechanical engineering
» for resource recycling
» for a workforce and specialist staff within the metal industry
» for the provision of finance to the metal industry


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The cooperation partners

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Residential concept

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