Sino-German Mittelstands Dialogue 2016

The first Sino-German Mittelstands Dialogue will take place on 17-19 September 2016 in Baden-Württemberg. The focus of the three-day event will be the Metal Eco City. The Mittelstands dialogue gives German and Chinese companies a platform for common discussions, visions and ways of cooperating.

The Mittelstands dialogue is the German equivalent of the “German-Chinese SME conference”, which took place in Jieyang for the first time in 2015: approximately 1000 representatives of Chinese companies, politicians and organisations took part in the conference, as well as around 100 delegates from Germany. More than 122 foreign institutions and companies from Germany, Austria and Spain as well as 132 Chinese companies came together for discussions. 105 technological innovations from 38 German companies were showcased, and 24 cooperation agreements and 27 memoranda were signed.

The second German-Chinese SME conference is expected to take place in November 2016 in Jieyang once again.